At the center of any discussion on project or project writing lies the concept of research. This is to say that no good understanding of the concept of project will be possible without a prior understanding of what the term research is. The need to begin, quite logically, from the point of view of research; is therefore apparent. So, what do we mean by the term research? The origin of the word research is a French word “rechercher”, meaning, “to look for again.” The word is composed of “re” which in the French language means “again” and then “chercher”, “to look for.” 

The whole idea was borne out of the fact that when someone is searching for something, it is expected that he has an idea, however faint or clear, about what to do to find that thing; where to find that thing and how to go about looking for and finding it. With these requirements fulfilled, the person may or may not achieve his aim of finding what he set out looking for depending on a number of other critical reasons.
In the words of Durotolu {2003) if he fails, he begins to re-examine his initial ideas, which were nothing but assumptions about where his object was supposed to be found, what he thought should be done to find it and when he thought it could be found. He then considers several alternatives to these assumptions and after making up his mind over such new ideas, he starts yet another search. That is, he starts to search again; thus, the term research simply implies looking for something again in other alternative places; putting up ‘new’ efforts, and taking nothing for granted.
This thus formed the basis for the many definitions of the term research as given in so many authoritative works. For instance, Bush and Harter {1980} defined it quite simply but broadly as “the systematic quest for knowledge”, while Drew {1993) viewed it as “a systematic way of asking questions, a systematic method of inquiry.” As for Leedy {1993} the term research is “the manner in which we attempt to solve problems others have presumably solved”. Best and Kahn {19998} took a more comprehensive approach in their own definition of research as the “systematic and objective analysis and recording of controlled observations that may lead to the development of generalisations, principles, theories resulting in prediction and ultimate control of many events that may be consequences or causes of specific activities.”


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